Social Media Influencers

img_3660One thing that I have grown to love is bloggers, especially bloggers who are classified as social media influencers. Claire Sulmers, Luvvie Ajayi and Christen Rochon have drawn me in as they represent some of the top brands across the world. Brands have become hip to this, as an influencer can reach consumers via their blogs and social media networks that your brand may not be able to (“Social media influencers,” 2016).

Having influencers to discuss their brand experience is crucial. Since influencer marketing is about building strong relationships, a strategy that values a mutually beneficial relationship is key. When marketers equip influencers with an entire experience to share about a brand or product the posts are more engaging (“Social media influencers,” 2016).

Claire has partnered with Nivea; Luvvie has partnered with McDonalds; and Christen has partnered with Ford. All top influencers in their own lane.

Develop relationships with influencers before you need them. Relationship building takes time and once the connection is there, activating influencers becomes a lot more seamless and effective (“Social media influencers,” 2016).




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One thought on “Social Media Influencers

  1. Greer,

    I agree completely! Social Media Influencers are now akin to celebrities when endorsing products or brands. If an individual with a huge following on any social media platform endorses your product, you immediately get such a tremendous reach – especially if that following is a new demographic for the brand. Mercedes used this tactic when marketing to millenia’s with their “Take the Wheel” campaign.

    For this campaign, Mercedes recruited popular Instagram influencers including Theron Humphrey (1.2M followers), Cubby Graham (774K followers), Kyle Steed (156K followers) and Brenton Clarke Little (249K followers) as well as Pei Ketron, a travel photographer to go on road trips to document and share their adventures for a month by posting photos and videos. This month-long campaign pushed daily images and videosto over 2.5 million individuals – without including re-posts and shares. Few celebrities are able to pull off that accomplishment in such a short amount of time.



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