Why Emerging Media Matters

Emerging media is social; it’s video, content, connection, engagement, interactive. Emerging media is the future of marketing; it’s the future of the flow of information (Gregory, 2014).

People interact with emerging media outlets daily, whether if it’s for personal or business use, it is all around you. Emerging media is where people get their news, share thoughts and opinions, to find out the latest trends or to promote their brand – you can’t get away from it.

The way you promote your products and services has changed and it’s continuing to evolve (Gregory, 2014). Consumers use emerging media outlets to see how brands and businesses promote their products or services. Brands that are constantly interactive among their emerging media platforms always win over consumers.

For more information about “Why Emerging Media Matters,” check out http://www.smallbusinessbonfire.com/three-reasons-emerging-media-matter/.




Gregory, A. (2014, March 14). Three reasons emerging media should matter to you. Small Business Bonfire. Retrieved from http://www.smallbusinessbonfire.com/three-reasons-emerging-media-matter/



One thought on “Why Emerging Media Matters

  1. Very informative blog post! I feel that you have done a terrific job in not only defining emerging media, but rather explaining its importance. I couldn’t help but take notice of one of the quotes you added about how emerging media is the future of the flow of information. This really couldn’t be any more true! I feel that platforms of social media such as Twitter and Facebook have given companies an entirely new dimension when it comes to advertising. This is something we all should get behind and learn to utilize from a professional standpoint at an efficient level.

    Jordan Smith,



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